Pricing for 2017-18 Season
All prices are based on monthly payments
We do allow new students to TRY 1 class (style) to get a feel for our studio.  This DOES NOT entail that we offer a FREE class.  If the student decides not to stay, there will be no charge for the class.  If the student does stay with us the class will be calculated as our monthly rates below.
Missed classes may be made up if we offer a separate time and must be done so within a month of missing.


Registration Fee (This Secures Your Spot In Class or Wait list) 

New Student


$40 for family

Returning Student


$30 for family


Monthly Rates

1 Class = $45

2 Classes = $65 

3 Classes = $85

 4 Classes  = $105 

            5 Classes = $115            

Unlimited = $125


Musical Theatre  = $30

Blue, White & Pink Teams = $45

Competition Team  = $225 One Time Fee    $10 per class +  

Costume/Competition Fees

 Recital Cost = $60

Costume Cost = $60 (ages 3 1/2 - 5)    $80 (ages 5+)

All payments are due on your 1st scheduled class of the month and considered late after the 10th of the month. A 15% late fee will be added at that time and a new invoice re-emailed.
All costs (tuition, recital, and costumes) are combined into 10 equal payments running from (August-May). Classes Begin September 5th and end June 16th.  Students will have between 39-40 class opportunities.  There are no per class or half month rates.



Costumes become your possession after May payment is received and costume is available.

There are several payment options:
Credit/Debit Cards
(Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express)Can be swiped or entered at the studio
Can be placed on Auto-Pay (automatically entered by us between the 20th and 1st)
Can be placed through the Parent Portal and processed with PayPal or Stripe.
There are 3 options to receive a discount to your overall payment by:
paying 1 full payment (on or before June 30 – 15% discount) OR
paying in 1 full payment (on or before August 10 – 10% discount) OR
paying in 2 payments (August & January payments – 5% discount)


Refunds may be given at our discretion as follows for annual payments only for discontinuing with us:

Before October 1 – 60% refunded
Before January 1 – 30% refunded
Before March 1 – 10% refunded
After March 1 – 0% refunded