Jacksonville FL Dance Studio Pricing

Pricing for 2020-21 Season
All prices are based on monthly payments
We do allow new students to TRY 1 class (style) to get a feel for our studio.  This DOES NOT entail that we offer a FREE class.  If the student decides not to stay, there will be no charge for the class.  If the student does stay with us the class will be calculated as our monthly rates below.
Missed classes may be made up if we offer a separate time and must be done so within a month of missing.


NEW! Payments and Procedures

RDA now requires student accounts to be enrolled in our Auto-Pay System. You may request a specific date for your auto payment to go through each month.  Exceptions may be made for alternative payment options if absolutely necessary.

 Statements will be sent through the Parent Portal the 20th of the month preceding the upcoming month’s payment.

 All payments are due on the 1st of the month and considered late if not settled after 5 days from the 1st or the date you specify for payment. A 15% of bill late fee will be added at that time and a new invoice re-emailed.


Registration Fee (This Secures Your Spot In Class or Wait list)

New Student


$40 for family

Returning Student


$30 for family

 Monthly Rates Class Rates

1 Class (30 minutes) = $48

2 Classes (60 minutes) = $68

3 Classes (90 minutes) = $88

4 Classes (2 hours)  = $108

            5 Classes (2.5 hours) = $118           

Unlimited (3 hours +) = $128

Musical Theatre  = $35
Tiny Tot Class = $48
Tap & Twirl Class = $50

All Dance Teams = $45

Competition Team = $10 per class +  

Costume/Competition Fees

 Recital Cost = $65

Costume Cost = $70 (ages 3 1/2 - 5)    $90 (ages 5+)


All costs (tuition, recital, and costumes) are combined into 10 equal payments running from (August-May). Classes Begin August 6th and end June 1st.  Students will have between 39-40 class opportunities.  There are no per class or half month rates for monthly season students.  We do offer a Drop In/Trial/Single class rate of $15 per class session.  There is no discount for multiple classes with this option.   This is for students who are not yet committing to the entire season.




      Payments will be processed using one of our CC processors: Stripe, Square or Paypal.  (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express)
        There are 3 options to receive a discount to your overall payment by:


          paying 1 full payment (by end of June 30th – 15% discount) OR
          paying in 1 full payment (by August 5th – 10% discount) OR
          paying in 2 payments (Half by August 5th & Half by January 5th – 5% discount)


            Refunds will ONLY be issued in the form of credit toward future classes for annual payments otherwise payment is forfeited.  Agreement to this must by signed prior to making payment.  We will obviously give exception to families moving away or family job transfers or changes.


            Before October 1 – 60% refund applied to account
            Before January 1 – 30% refund applied to account
            Before March 1 – 10% refund applied to account
            After March 1 – 0% refund applied to account