Jacksonville Fl Dance Studio

Reach Destiny Arts is a professional dance studio with a Christian influence and has been in business since 2010 in Jacksonville, FL.  Our goal is to passionately teach the joy of dance and help inspire students to discover the unique gift that God has placed inside of them.  Students will be in a wholesome atmosphere with positive music and loving teachers.

Preschool Age Classes

TINY TOT DANCE: This class is for 2 and young 3 year olds. This class will get students moving and work on interaction and listening skills.

TAP & TWIRL CLASS: 3½ and 4 year olds. This class is designed for fun movement, but also to start working on the technical aspect of ballet & tap.


School Age Classes

PRE- POINTE: This class is for students that would like to be up on Pointe shoes and only offered at the Senior Class level.   This time is for strengthening feet and ankles to prepare for Pointe.

POINTE: This class is by invitation only.  All students must take Pre-Pointe before moving to this class.

BALLET/TAP/JAZZ:  Age 5 years and older. Levels 1-5.

HIP-HOP: Age 7 years and older. Levels 2-5.

CONTEMPORARY: This class is for learning choreography and offered at the Levels 3-5. We will be focusing on picking up choreography and learning how to dance with expression and portray what the music is saying.



Dance team is by invitation only. It requires attendance in our Summer Session taking ballet, jazz and dance team classes.

This is for students who desire an opportunity to dance more using their talent to encourage and inspire others.  Participant must be willing to commit to a whole dance year.  The team performs 12 plus times a year at different locations like schools, churches, nursing homes, rescue missions, festivals, etc. 


ADULT Age CLASSES (Post High School & Up)

DANCE FIT:  An aerobics style exercise infused into dance routines.

ADULT CONTEMPORARY: This class will work on contemporary routines designed for adults out of high school and up. It will also include some limited Barre work.

ADULT HIP-HOP:This class will work on hip hop routines designed for adults out of high school and up.

ADULT JAZZ:This class will work on Jazz style routines designed for adults out of high school and up.